19 July 2011

My 'bestest' people in life. I love them heaps.

26 June 2011

After a very long sojourn away from this space, I return with photos of flowers blooming around our home. Enjoy!

18 January 2010

One NAME caused an uproar
One NAME began a dilemma within a nation
One NAME had gotten people to look into themselves
One NAME called us to a life of deeper Faith.

And, i know that this name could only be JESUS.


When faith is dragged into the dirty ditch of partisan politics;
There are no winners, only the injured and the maimed.

17 December 2009

Work suspended for two weeks. We're off to Nilai !

Feels so good to be taking a break. Home is bravo zulu and just cleared the last dregs of work this morning; it's now up to the suppliers to do their thing!

I am going to flatline and vegetate for the next 12 days. So, blessed Christmas to everyone and remember, be generous to everyone; give gifts to folks who can't give you any. God will bless you.

see ya!

04 November 2009

Happy birthday, Linda. We love you. David thoroughly enjoyed keeping the 'surprise' a 'secret' from you!

Congratulations to Graeme and Lorna for adding Aasha Rebekah Armstrong to the clan!

Congratulations to Jeremy and Leonora for the addition of Summer Mikaela Yeo Shuxian to the male dominant Yeo family!

Finally, girls.

David should now learn to be gentle(r) cos girls don't play rough!(right?)